Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in Southwest China

University of Wisconsin-Madison NSF IGERT China Program

2007 China Summer Field Trip

Trip Itinerary

May 21 Anthony Ives and Jocelyn Behm arrive

May 23-25 Ives' workshop at KIB

May 28-29 IGERT workshop at KIB

May 30-31 Visit partners in Kunming

June 1 Vans or bus to Kunming to Lijiang (half-day at Lashi Hai in p.m.)

June 2 Lijiang to Shangri La Botanical Gardens, brief tour around Napa Hai (tourist entries, villages on south side, water treatment plant)

June 2 - 10 Stay at Botanical Gardens and Villages

  • June 3 - 4 Introduction to Napa Hai (guest speakers and village leaders)
  • June 5 Exploration of wetland with botanists/zoologists leading
  • June 6 Trip to Shambhala Village
  • June 7 - 8 Trip to Hamagu Village with optional overnight in village
  • June 9 Regroup, synthesize info, additional questions we have, choose activities for final day (visit additional village, visit Bita Hai, etc.)
  • June 10 Conduct additional activities

June 11 Participants disperse

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