Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in Southwest China

University of Wisconsin-Madison NSF IGERT China Program

Robbie Hart


  • AA Honors, Peninsula College
  • BA Linguistics, Swarthmore College
  • Doctoral Student, University of Missouri St. Louis


  • NSF IGERT Fellow
  • Swarthmore Class of 1925 Scholarship


    My broad interests include comparative ethno-ecology, systems of traditional ecological knowledge and the ways they can inform conservation strategies, and the interrelations between biological and cultural diversity.


  • (2008) "Written Word, Oral World" in Book of Peoples of the World. National Geographic Books.
  • (2004) "Up and Down the Mountain" BA thesis for Linguistics, Swarthmore College.
  • (2001) Short articles in "Biology: Macmillan Science Library". Thomson Gale.


  • Independent fieldwork in eastern Nepal 2003.
  • Research Consultant for the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, worked on the beginning of the LTI/National Geographic joint project "Enduring Voices".
  • Research, editing, graphic design work for "When Languages Die: the extinction of the world's languages and the erosion of human knowledge" by K. David Harrison, 2007.

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