Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in Southwest China

University of Wisconsin-Madison NSF IGERT China Program



Topographic map of China

wi trip

Diqing prefecture and the places the Wisconsin group visited on the November 2003 trip

great rivers action

Yunnan great rivers conservation and development action plan


Watersheds of headstreams of the major rivers of Yunnan province

conservation priority

Remaining conservation priority regions in China: why Yunnan is so important


Three major rivers of Yunnan (Slide 1): Map of their watersheds


Three major rivers of Yunnan (Slide 2): Statistics on their watersheds


Three major rivers of Yunnan (Slide 3): Problems and implications

yunnan rem sensing

Rem sensing image of Yunnan

climate stations

Climate stations in Yunnan province

land cover

Land cover of Yunnan province

wis china yun

Overview map of Yunnan province


Topographic map of Yunnan province

land use

Land use in Diqing Prefecture


ynsc 4class

Elevation of Southwest China